Summer Fun: How Pakistan and The United States Enjoy Summer

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August 7, 2012

Summer is the warmest season of the year. For some, it is their favorite season but for others who can’t stand the heat, it is not nearly as enjoyable. But if you like outdoor activities, then summer can your best friend.

First, let’s understand the science behind seasonal weather and why summer may be more pleasant in some places than it is in others. It’s all about how earth rotates on its axis and the location of the given place. If the northern hemisphere of earth is tilted towards Sun, then it will be summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in southern hemisphere. Similarly, if the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, then it’s winter there and summer in the southern hemisphere.

The United States of America and Pakistan are both located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth which means that both countries have the summer around the same time. The only difference is that Pakistan is much closer to the equator (a horizontal line that divides southern hemisphere and northern hemisphere) giving it more extreme and extended hot weather in summers. In the U.S.A., states that are located in the south are warmest, for example Arizona, Florida, California and also Oklahoma. Even these southern states cannot compare to the heat of summer in Pakistan, and this disparity can make a big difference in the enjoyment of summer.

Summers are the best time in the United States for outdoor activities. Zoos have more events than in any other season and you can do a

variety of activities that are most available in the summer: camping, fishing, boating, bicycling, hiking, water surfing, and jet skiing are top of the list of many attractions in summer. Summer is also a good time for family get-togethers, like barbeques set up in the backyards so families can enjoy the pleasant weather with their meal.

Camping near the lake is a great opportunity to consider in the summers, it is full of adventure and you can get in touch with nature. Most people do not realize the importance of it unless they are working downtown, surrounded by high skyscrapers, unable to connect to nature, beautiful lakes and thick forests. At the peak season or at the long weekends, it is almost impossible to be able to book your favorite cottage or even rent a car, but there is nothing more delicious than catching your own fish and cooking it on the bonfire with your friends and family. Summer also brings outdoor activities like concerts at the beach, car shows, and long weekends on a cruise. Parades are also observed in the summers mostly in the highly populated areas and basketball hoops are drawn out on the driveways, and garages sales and lemonade booths are can be seen in action.

For many northern states, relief from shoveling snow for hours and hours from their driveways is enough of a reason to love summer. Summer won’t last long though, soon it will be fall in US, but the humidity and warm weather may stick around in Pakistan for a little while longer.

Summers in Pakistan can be very warm; the daily high can even reach 122 degrees F (50 C) in the main city of Lahore. During this heat wave, all outdoor activities are put on hold and people go on vacations to the northern areas and find relief. Those who can’t afford to go on vacation spend some time swimming in a man-made water canal, which mainly serves for irrigation and runs through Lahore’s main highway called the Canal Road. I take the Canal Road to work every day and I see people of all ages beating heat with the fresh and cold water of the canal.

A favorite in Pakistan during the summer is the mango. For the US, most fruits are mostly available throughout the year, but in Pakistan the mango is a special fruit that only comes during hot summer. It is the most popular fruit consumed in Pakistan and surrounding countries and this fruit needs the warmest weather on planet to ripen. Large quantities are exported to the US every year and consumed by Pakistani communities living aboard. It costs $20 for four mangoes in Pakistan making it a very expensive fruit, but it’s worth it. People wait for mangoes to come to the market and make all kind of delicious dishes and smoothies, or just eat them raw.

I must say that summers in Pakistan are no match for the attractions that one can enjoy living in Northern America during the summer months. I remember the summer I went to New York to meet with my family up there. I was staying at Commack, Long Island and I went to a beach near Stony Brook University; it was little warmer than I had expected since I was traveling from Canada. I spent most of my time during that trip walking in the downtown Manhattan at the Times Square. It was an incredible trip.

If I ever go to United States of America again, it would be during the summer so that I could have all the fun and enjoy all the outdoor activities.