U.S.A. and Pakistan Learning Tolerance and Understanding

What Pakistani People Have Learned | What American People Have Learned

My tenure with American people is full of wonderful experiences. I enjoy friendships with them and realized how much they are eager to learn about Pakistani culture. The best part is they take care of the relationship. This company has really brought the gap closer for Pakistanis and Americans. – Shahzad

Well, for last two and half years I have been attached with this company and still working here. I found it to be like a family and have learned a lot in this gracious environment. Before joining, I wasn’t very familiar with American’s although I have worked with some of them. But after joining, I found them really generous, educated and well mannered. I love to work with them and will always. – Amir

We did know a lot about Americans but after working here we are now thinking America is like our second homeland. We are like friends with all the members of Allshore and their clients. Now we defend them if we hear anything bad about America and American people. – Asad

My cousin is working in Washington with Microsoft. I heard that Washington is the place where people don’t sleep. They work 24/7. After joining, I came to know that people in our US office wake up very early and come to offices before 7AM. Most of the clients start their work early in the morning as well. This thing really amazed me.

I found Americans to be really hardworking and passionate. They are loyal to their jobs and work. Before Datum what I heard from colleagues and friends about Americans that they are rude and racists, American’s abused them (friends/colleagues) on the job, but when I get a chance to work with them here, I found them very friendly, caring and humble. Everybody is ready to help you when you are caught in bad situation. They give us respect and I never see discriminatory attitudes and practices from any person from US either he is a client or employee. Good attitude and they really improve skills in a person, give confidence to guys and we can better work more efficiently than any other company. All guys are loving, caring and easy going. I have been working with them for the last year and I would love to work with them as long as I can. – Nasir

It is my wonderful experience to work with Americans. I’ve learned lot of things from them. They are very nice and give respect to us. – Kashif

My experience since joining here has lead me to believe that Americans are really very honest, hardworking and are people with great ethical values. All before joining, this was just a myth or unproven fact to me, but now its a total fact for me. Extracted from my very own personal experience. There is HUGE difference the way Americans talk, the way they behave, their values on even the smallest things with the my very own native society. Americans are honest and trustworthy people. I feel trust and safety while working with them and while having business relationships with them. – Irfan

I was working with American clients since the start of my career, after joining here I get to deal with American clients on daily basis. They are workaholics but also enjoy their leisure time.

They have power to confess and admit very quickly that they have done a mistake and change direction to the right path. That is what I have really seen after joining here. Also, they are humble but steady in achieving their targets. They don’t lose hope and remain determined, I think that’s why they are very successful. – Talal

I learned more about American people, their culture, habits, likings, dis-likings and their way of work while working here with Allshore. I work with American clients every day and get a chance to interact with them and work closely with them. This relationship has shown me how disciplined they are in their work and how much their vision is clear about what they want and/or looking for and what they expect from us. It has contributed immensely to my personal growth and now I feel confident to work with American people.

While working in this company I enjoy some of the American holidays in lieu of some of our own country’s holidays. This has opened a window to peek into America’s history that we never tried to know before working here. Now I can tell how and who discovered America, what is the background of the Thanksgiving holiday and who is Martin Luther King. Jr.

Every now and then I look at America’s map and I can recognize the location of the different states. I also learned that Oklahoma sometimes gets hail storms about the size of a tennis ball. We now know which parts of United States gets effected by different storms like hurricanes and tornadoes and their disasters.

I never knew about the NBA and what it stands for and how much Americans are crazy about it. Never before had a keen interest in how many gold medals America won in the Olympics. – Khurram

This is first time that I have come really close to Americans on a daily basis by working with them. I really enjoy it. I am really inspired by their admiring attitude towards co-workers and subordinates. As far as American clients, they are really great guys. I find them very cooperative and helpful. Some of them are very skillful in their domain and helped me to learn about new technologies. – Shoaib

This is my first experience working with any US based software company and US personnel specificly. I found all the guys with whom I interact with in Allshore very kind, cooperative, helpful, and committed. I have never been in the USA in my life, but by working Allshore guys and clients, I hope that all American people are like them. This is all about cultural understanding because people of both countries have got different cultures, customs, mentality, and thinking about life and everything, but it would be unfair if I will not appreciate American people for their behaviors with Pakistani guys. I hope this trust will last long forever. – Irfan

Before joining DatumSquare, I had very different thoughts about Americans. I thought that their judgement is biased and they’re not willing to listen at all if they’re not talking to another fellow-American. After joining this company, my experience and relationship with American co-workers was very pleasantly different. They are willing to listen and understand and more importantly, their judgement is not biased. Americans value time as if it is more important than money. They are professionals and at the time very good in making friendly relationships.
Now I know that they can be very good friends. – Umer

I have learned that Americans are fun loving, very professional, and open to suggestions. They appreciate your work and will guide you about the work properly. If you want to work with them for the long term you will have to be very professional. – Saleem

I have always had a very nice and exciting experience with American’s. This is the third company that gives me the opportunity to work with American’s. American’s are very kind and professional with their co-workers. They try to help you as much as possible, they also tolerate language barrier and encourage you to ask more and more questions until everyone is on the same page.

Also I found them very punctual and do not force us to work late unless there are some crucial deadlines to meet. I also feel that our media is giving us very wrong projections about America and American’s especially against Muslim world. But I never heard anything from them related to this since my more than four years’ experience working with them. Long live America, long live Pakistan. – Shahid

Before coming here to work in this company, I did not have a clear idea about American people. For the most I watched the USA through the window of “Media”, and to be honest I didn’t have a positive perspective about Americans. But now spending 9 hours daily with USA co-workers and USA clients I have completely changed my mind. People of America are really kind, honest, friendly and hard working. Many of my misconceptions related to US culture are now becoming clear.

And most of all American girls are very beautiful. 🙂 – Qasim

They always tell you the truth. Either they like your work or not, they will tell you the truth. – Abid

Working with Americans is always a main attraction in our culture. Reason is that, American people are very professional and also punctual as well. They know the importance of time which is good. Also in our IT industry working in American companies is considered as good job position. According to my observation when any students come out of our universities they will first try to go into a few government departments which have very good benefits. Second preference is any American based company (Which is first in my list because of good benefits as well as good salary) and at end any other local software houses.

Secondly, Americans are very friendly people. They respect good work. If you are worthy and professional they will always respect you. I worked with European Companies as well in past but they are very much strict or you can say they make the company environment like a jail. The worst experience was with Arabs. Nobody knows what will happen on the next day.

American company’s jobs are considered as a secure job. The reason is that the infrastructure of America is awesome. They work on the latest technologies which can help you to keep yourself updated. Secondly, they want you to upgrade yourself and they always help team members in learning new technologies and appreciate developers who have shared unique ideas to improve application performance. – Junaid

When I joined here, I found an opportunity to work directly with American people in an offshore environment. I found the team in the US was very polite and cooperating with us. They were always helping us to communicate effectively. We are always amused by talking with them. They always appreciated and take interests in our cultural activites like Eids, Ramadan and local heritage.

We came to know about the different American cultural activities like Good Friday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Independence Day. – Shahid

I have learned that American’s are very supportive and also they think the same way as we think. – Azadar

Dealing directly with Americans made me discover that they very polite tolerant and understand the facts. – Rafiq

American people are highly professional and mostly caring and they always value their time and work in highly professional environment. After joining here now these are known points to all of us. The things we learned after joining is that they don’t hate anyone. They don’t want war and most of them like other cultures. The good thing is they mix with everyone and get familiar in no time. – Asad

The best thing I learned about Americans after joining here is the respect they show towards different cultures. They don’t just enjoy the success of their own country. This company is providing a great opportunity for everyone to fill in the gaps between the 2 countries, and it is wiping away all the negative images that our media and a few people of our society try to impose. – Ali

Nothing new, and that’s because I have been working with Americans right from the start of my career. I mostly found them attentive, hardworking, dedicated to their jobs/work, systematic in what they do, cool and reasonable. – Ali

Although Pakistan is in the non-favorite countries list of the US, since joining here I am feeling that Americans have much belief in Pakistan and its nation and counting them as a peace loving and talented people. – Imdad

Punctuality and respectful of others. – Qadeer

I have learned that they are very honest, punctual and straight forward. They speak the truth and they like to hear the truth. – Nabeel

I have learned that Americans are decent and just regular people. Most of them are open-minded and tolerant towards other cultures and nationalities. They have good work ethics and appreciate hard work and honesty. – Shoaib

Americans are soft spoken, honest people and straight forward. They rarely ever lie and are frank people. They are work-oriented and never like to waste time during working hours. – Salman

American’s generally people of a humble nature. They have a very good and soft image of Pakistan and their citizens regardless of media speculation. They treated all of us with professionalism and in a friendly manner. It’s the effect of our close working relationship that our previous perception about Americans has completely changed. It’s really a pleasure working with them. – Waqas

I experienced working with two American companies for more then 5 years now and don’t remember even one point where I felt let down by them. I made some very good friends in the previous job and here as well and have known by now what it takes to overcome all the cultural differences through better understanding. I feel immune while working with them by taken care off all my problems. Now I can proudly say that: “Yes I have some of my best buddies in the other part of the world” – Asad

I believe it is easy and comfortable for me to work with American’s because they plan things properly; they are more organized. I have learned and been able to overcome most of my mistakes like discipline, leadership qualities, better understanding and tolerance for various cultures. Also, able to polish my communication skills and trust building… like our vision already describes it. I learned the most important lesson of my life: How to Live ABOVE THE LINE! 🙂 – Hammad

Before joining Allshore’s group, I did not have in-depth knowledge about Americans. One of the prominent factors that I have observed about them is their energetic behavior, the way they approach their tasks, their zeal and passion has impressed me a lot. – Yousaf

I already have soft feelings about American’s because I have worked closely with them. I know that they are wonderful people who care a lot and are morally good. They help you to the fullest.

From the day of my conversational interview with Tara I knew that I am going to the right place to work. And my thoughts about American people are still the same. – Ali

They are very punctual and honest people. – Bilal

I have the privilege to work with British and Americans in person. I recall we used to have boss and employee relation while working in the UK, and they used to talk about being open and more friendly with their employees. Then moved to Pakistan and started working with Americans and right away I noticed the difference why British wanted to be more friendly and open. Its only because it allows employees to discuss anything from official to personnel eliminating the lack of trust between the two. Also it helps create a pleasant working environment within the company. – Sohail

Before joining in Datum I had some exposure to live in abroad and had some interaction with the Native English people in Britain.

However, first time I interacted with American’s in Datum. I must say my experience is very good with them. They are same like us. Under the platform of “Datum” we and all shore USA team. we together

Following up on vision statement

To promote cultural understanding and build international relationships through a trusted, compassionate and profitable IT staffing experience.

I strongly feel my building trust/motivation on America has highly increased through Allshore/Datum. I feel we Pakistani and Americans can move along together to achieve a common goal in positive way. – Faisal

Like the other people of my society, I used to think negative about the American society and their so called cruelties on other Muslims. However when I started this setup with Randall, he cleaned up many of the confusions from mind with his attitude, dealings and professional behavior. I learned so much positive about the American society and learned so much how they are the most progressive nation on the face of the earth. I would to say thanks to Randall. – Raheel

From the false media propaganda, I always think that all Americans think like the way media told us but after joining the DatumSquare I realized that there are some people who think above the line and think of Global peace and harmony. Also DatumSquare is the only company that has its own unique vision statement which not only states that it can revolutionize the IT sector but also striving for cultural understanding between different people living at different places. – Yasir

The freedom of speech. They respect each other’s right to voice their opinions, even if they disagree. Letting the conversation to take place, so that individuals can be exposed to many different views, and then decide on their own what they wish to believe. It’s simply remarkable… – David

Frankly speaking, media and hollywood films leave less unknown about americans and american culture. We know that they are particular about punctuality, tasks execution, are friendly and informal. I have experienced the same after joining Datum. – Suheyl

I already worked with American in UAE. I have many memories with them. When I joined Datum, all refreshed. I am so happy and glad to be working with them again.
American are so decent, educated and lovely human being.
Its not that I am working and praising, I really adore them from heart. The way they have cared and treated us as Pakistani, accepted us as we are. Respect our cultural and religion values.

They are open minded and live their lives peacefully. So far I never seen that they ever promote violence, Always talk about peace.

I have learned a lot being professional from them, Courage to honor their mistakes, try to resolve them. Care for all. Long live Americans. – Babar

Before joining Datum, I didn’t know about the American’s too much. I didn’t knows about their culture, the working style, their gentleness and the caring about Pakistani’s. Now I learned all of these about them. which are 100% for success of humanity and the path of success. – Amir

Americans are very hardworking, dedicated and loyal friends that I have come to know in the years I have worked with them in Datumsquare. They make sure that they earn each penny that they work for and try to never deceive anyone with whom they work with. As Winston Churchill said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”.

The best thing about Americans I see is that they not only stand up and speak but also sit down and listen to you, pay attention to each detail and then work out a solution that will suit everyone. My experience with working with Americans has had a great effect on my knowledge about them and also in my life. I learned a lot from my very best friends in America right now in both professional and personal aspects and still am learning a lot to help me in improving on things that I was weak in or did not know about. It has been a truly fantastic experience. – Nasir

Americans are great in leading and management possessing excellent management skills with what so ever they do. With that said they are too organized with every little thing they do in their daily lives weather its personal or their business.

Beside this, working directly with Americans; communicating with them on daily basis and sharing great ideas and thoughts it has been a wonderful experience so far. I have never seen an American saying bad words about us or even discouraging about anything but have seen a number of positive things on the other hand. They guide us, coach us, and appreciate us which I believe is a greatest thing irrespective of our citizenship, color, race, culture or religion. – Faisal

Americans are good and caring – Zaheer

Joining the american cultured company was really a new and challenging thing to me, but I overcome it with the help of the people, sitting in america, who are helping, caring, understanding, friendly and giving me confidence to grow. That was good for my self-growth, self-development, and confidence, and so forth. – Haroon

I have been working Allshore for 2 years now. I never had a chance to work with Americans before, but when I started working for them I realized how nice and honest American people are.

Every one face problems on his job but over here I would say ‘Not a chance’, because they won’t leave you with a problem always there to help. Lovely people from lovely nation. – Raheel