Allshore came to our rescue after our programming team was not able to complete a long-term project. Allshore jumped in to action and gave us the expertise we needed. Not to mention a shoulder to cry on. We are still with Allshore more than a year later and plan to be a client for life.

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Agi Lurtz

of OMS Technologies, Inc.

Allshore has changed how I do business. I never have to wonder what my team is working on, and the personal service that the management team offers is second to none. My margins are higher and I’m more productive than ever before. I hope to double the size of my team within a year, and will continue to work with Allshore for all of my software development needs for years to come.

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Mitch Russell

of DWM Software

Allshore really takes the time to understand exactly what you need, and will keep revising a project until it’s just right. I strongly recommend Allshore for any freelance web designer or company looking to get an edge!

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Allison F.

of PureHeart Studios

Our PHP programmer is dedicated to us. Even though he is in Pakistan, we interact with him directly via Skype and Basecamp during U.S. business hours, and he does whatever we ask him to do. He has become an integral part of our team. I can even watch his computer screen using a simple VNC client. I know what he is working on at all times.

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Fritz G.

of CC Development

I would not be where I am today without the resources that have been provided by Allshore… I was amazed at what was accomplished every day.

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Ted Hurlbut

of SchoolHart

One of the things that Allshore excels at is the oversight. The U.S based team is so in sync with me – if I’m unavailable, the decisions they make are the ones I would make. The experiences I had with outsourcing before were with individual developers through oDesk. With oDesk there is no manager; all the developers have their own full time jobs. I never knew when they were working or if they were working. Allshore gives me peace of mind because they manage the work product, manage the HR issues, and manage the workspace needs.
In the past 12 months we have hired three Allshore developers for the price of one and tripled our output. I’ve been here for 7 years and in the past year we have put out TEN large scale products and that is unheard of for us.

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Vickii Bacchetta

of SurferNETWORK

We are a small shop and we had a project that required us to ramp up on .NET developers quickly. Allshore was able to provide developers that were more seasoned and competent – and at 20% cost savings – faster than if I had hired someone in my market. After the ramp-up time (as any new hire would), my Allshore developer quickly began working independently and producing exactly the type of work we needed. His work ethic, experience and communication have been excellent and the longer we work together, the more leadership he exhibits on the project by anticipating needs and proactively providing solutions or recommendations to enhance the quality of the project. I like that my developer is committed to my company only and that I can communication with him directly. As we have gotten to know each other, I find that the quality of the work and end-product continue to exceed my expectations.
Allshore provides me with a team so I don’t have to be as involved or worry about the work getting done. The mentor-ship available to my developer means that when he encounters challenges, he has resources he can go to and doesn’t have to lean on me in order to problem-solve. Plus, I don’t have to worry about performance reviews, sick and vacation time and can focus on my business. I love is the oversight provided by the U.S. team. If I have any problems with my developer or his work – the U.S.-based team is immediately available to resolve any issues. Although outsourcing was new for my company, I had personally used offshore developers before and my experience with Allshore has exceeded my expectations.
We are finishing our current project 6 months ahead of schedule – which gives me more time for testing and spec-ing the next phase. The next phase of our project originally was expected to be finished in the next 18 months and we will be able to get to that project a lot earlier. Our relationship with Allshore helps us exceed our customers expectations.

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Neer P.

of PDS Companies

Outsourcing has always left a little to be desired. I like the cost savings, but the end work product, the communication just seemed to be more trouble than what it was worth. At CoreVault we were in need of a development resource so we could continue to grow our business. Interesting enough, Allshore was our client first. As we learned more about how they hire top talent with more than 5 years development experience, their interviewing and screening practices and the highest level of communication with the developers – we were willing to try it. With a test project first. Our experience has been unmatched. We are 3 months AHEAD of schedule on our project. Plus, with the U.S.-based monitoring, anytime that Allshore even senses a communication challenge, the U.S. team jumps in and helps. My developers are amazing, the more I work with them directly, the more they can sense our approach and are becoming more and more a part of our team. Not to mention the cost savings – especially being 3 months ahead of schedule. We can continue to save money and continue to grow our business at the same time.

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Raymond Castor

of Dobson Technologies

I was having trouble with the guys I had hired in-house: they were divas, very expensive and didn’t have the work ethic I expected. I had outsourced before though and was hesitant to try it again. Allshore has really figured out outsourcing though. They know why traditional outsourcing doesn’t work, and actually fixed it. The communication is excellent, and since I have direct access and they work U.S. business hours, we work together and get a lot more done, without all the miscommunication. Best of all, I can hire 3 developers for the price of one U.S.-based guy. This is especially important, because from the time I started working with Allshore, my business has grown 200%. If I had to hire 10 in-house people – I would have to add office space and equipment, computer software and hardware, HR – the list goes on. If it wasn’t for Allshore, I wouldn’t be in business right now. Well, I might be in business – but I wouldn’t be making any money.

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Frank Condon

of Linking Communities