Sales Staffing

Spend less time finding leads and more time closing them

Sales is a long process and the least profitable parts of the endeavor often consume the most time. Share the workload and make your sales process more profitable. With cold calling, lead generation, and market research bringing you only warm leads to persue, you can focus your time and resources on where it is most valuable: making the sale.

Make your sales process more profitable

Cold Calling Make cold calling work for you without having to pick up the phone. Your Allshore sales team will filter through long lists of leads and bring your internal sales team only warm leads that they can work with a higher rate of success.

Lead Generation is a constant and crucial part of expanding your business, but it is time consuming and can quickly become a drain on your sales team. Your Allshore sales professionals will compile lists for you based on the demographics, firmographics and psychographics of your ideal customers to bring you new leads and keep your sales staff doing what they do best: selling.

Market Research is time consuming and requires a broad perspective on the market that can be difficult to maintain from within a single company or even from within a single sector of an industry. Get a fresh perspective and benefit from hours of research from a trained professional who has years of experience selling in the IT industry.


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    Allison F. of PureHeart Studios