The Economy Slows Down, but not Allshore

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July 6, 2012

Another month has passed and employment rates in the United States are still markedly falling short: the private sector added 80,000 jobs, which is a large departure from the 90,000 jobs that had been estimated. The last three months have shown underwhelming employment reports constituting a trend of slow employment growth; there are no signs that this orientation will soon change. There is a misconception that outsourcing adds to this trend and is taking economic growth beyond US borders, but in fact outsourcing strengthens the businesses that comprise the very core of the US economy and generates job growth locally.

Companies are caught in a tough situation by continued economic slowdown: they still need employees to perform basic to difficult job functions, but cannot afford to keep a large staff. A company need not be trapped in this conundrum. In fact, employees can help a struggling company get out of bad times and increase revenues, if only they can afford continued access to skilled labor, be it a new salesperson with the right skills to generate new revenue, a new visionary to guide progress, or a software developer to make repetitive job functions automatic and increase efficiency.

This is where Allshore can help countless companies across the United States. When you hire an Allshore developer, he is hired on as a 1099 sub-contractor saving you thousands in taxes, overhead, insurance, and benefits. Our developers are also half the cost of local developers and just as qualified to help lead your company’s software needs into a more robust and efficient frontier.

When a company can be confident that their technological needs are met, they are free to focus on running their business and strengthening their company. Many of our clients have found that after hiring one of our developers, their freedom to pursue other avenues of their business has allowed them to hire other local resources and expand their staffs more productively, strengthening the company and opening new positions for local talent.

At Allshore, we help stabilize our client’s businesses with dependable highly skilled developers allowing them to get back to greater prosperity, which, in turn strengthens the US economy. Don’t let your business suffer the staffing conundrum, let Allshore take care of your technology needs so you can focus on your success.