Allshore in Pakistan – Day Three

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May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012:

We are back safely to our hotel after a long night’s work. It’s 4:15 AM, the sun will be rising shortly in Pakistan and we will be going to sleep. It’s nice that we are keeping the same working and sleeping hours, even overseas.

Our day was a jam-packed with extremely productive meetings, beginning with a managers meeting before the developers arrived. Bryan and I have been able to better explain their vital roles in this company, and I believe it has made a major impact. It’s extremely helpful to have face time with everyone over here, and everyone keeps telling me that our presence here will have a HUGE impact on our hiring efforts, retention efforts, and on everyone’s morale in the office. I will give a quick example: we had a developer that was slated to join us next week, but he recently informed our HR manager that his current company has decided to try every effort to retain him and he can no longer join us. Our HR manager told him that the American CEO was in our office, and that he should meet with me before he makes his final decision. The developer was very excited about this and asked to schedule a meeting the next day. It seems an Americans presence here seems to pull a TON of weight with people. I now feel confident I can convince this developer to change his mind.


Randall and Bryan meeting with the management team


Today I interviewed four recruiters and identified one person that definitely fits what I’m looking for. We gave him an offer letter and he accepted. That was one of my major goals to accomplish on this trip, and with that done I can now concentrate on having one-on-one sessions with everyone in the company. I’ve been given a lot of suggestions and I hope we can accommodate everyone as much as possible. It’s also giving me a chance to explain the meanings of policies they may not fully understand.

Bryan worked a lot with the sales team and the IT support team today. In the office, he and I make an excellent team, we both know what needs to be done and we go do it. I’m proud to say that we’ve already accomplished a lot!

More updates to come!