Why Allshore?

What can Allshore do for you?


  • Help you grow your business safely and consistently

  • Control your IT budget without sacrificing quality or control

  • Develop necessary software so you have the freedom to focus on your business

  • Provide you with the insight, efficiency, and skill you need to stay competitive

Outsourcing holds incredible potential for businesses of all types and sizes, but only if it is executed well – too many outsourcing ventures are risky, difficult to accommodate, and expensive. That stops here: Allshore has pioneered a system that has taken all the risk and hassle out of outsourcing and instead brings clients high quality developers, with ease and security, at costs and flexibility that fit the toughest IT budget.
Allshore Global Resources, LLC is a U.S.-based virtual staffing firm with offices near Oklahoma City, OK. As an American company, Allshore knows how American companies do business.

Outsourcing should be an opportunity, not a cost. So stop offshoring, and start Allshoring!


The Allshore Difference

Software development in practice is largely universal and talented developers can be found on almost every continent– it is in business practices, communication, and quality control where offshore staffing often falls short. Your outsourcing vendor is your strategic partner and for that partnership to be fruitful both companies must be in alignment. Allshore bridges this gap and provides American businesses the staff they need as they need it according to their standards. With Allshore you get more than just a project, you get a trusted partner.

  • Work directly and immediately with your developers during U.S. business hours.

  • Your developers are dedicated to you and your work only, just like any in-house employee.

  • Highly competitive rates and a flexible structure allow you to scale up and down with ease to maximize productivity.

  • Develop your project how you need it – our talented developers are flexible and well-suited to Agile development.

  • Services are tailored to your specific needs and offer a stable solution that is viable long-term – perfect for large projects or long-term staffing.



Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Not sure if outsourcing is right for you? Find out with a free consultation. Even if Allshore isn’t right for you, we will help you figure out what is.

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  • Allshore has changed how I do business. My margins are higher and I’m more productive than ever before.

    Mitch Russell of DWM Software