Shahid J.

March 25, 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Department:Mobile Applications
Experience:Almost 10 years
Education:Masters in Computer Science
Time with Allshore:Over 3.5 Years
Not available to hire

Shahid has worked in our Islamabad office for over three and a half years. He was originally hired as a PHP developer, but then learned how to create mobile applications. When asked about him, his manager RK said: “Shahid J. has been serving Allshore and DatumSquare for past 3.5 years with his praiseworthy go-getter attitude. He set the foundation for our Mobile Applications department, which I hope will flourish very soon. Shahid has so far developed 181 mobile applications, which shows his ability to perform and his worth for his client. He has won a Consistent Excellence Award (CEA), completed 5000 billed hours with his client, and earned a brand new laptop on achieving this milestone. I am proud of him for doing so great in so many dimensions of his life.”

His client also had these words of praise: “Shahid has helped us forge forward into a whole new world of code-mobile apps. His ability to explore and learn about new technology is expanding our service capabilities and product offerings. He has a strong attention to detail and presents creative solutions to issues and new ideas.”

We met with Shahid to ask him a few questions about himself.


1469890_10201289710660785_426191411_nHow did you become interested in the IT field?

When Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman became the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he took revolutionary steps to promote the IT field in Pakistan in 2000. So I was inspired by the growth and prospects in this field.

Which clients have you worked with in your time here? And how long have you been with your current client SurferNET?

When I joined Datum/Allshore, I worked with other teams in PHP department. SurferNetwork was my first main client to work with. I have been working with SurferNetwork since December 2010.

How do you feel about Allshore and working with American clients? 

I enjoy working with American clients a lot. The trust Allshore and our clients show in the Pakistani developers has really helped us to work hard and deliver better quality work. In Allshore, the main point of interest is the trust and the agreement between two parties – the client and the developer. If this relationship works very well then it gives a quality output. The Allshore model has worked very well and the company, which started with just few developers, is now one the leading software firms in Pakistan. I feel proud that I was part of this growth. Here, Pakistani developers have a chance to work directly with American clients which removes the cultural gaps and help to understand and work with each other. The cultural understanding is also the motto of Allshore.

Tell me about your family.

Currently I am a single, and living with my father. My elder brother is married and has two kids.


What is your favorite thing about being an uncle?

My niece daily comes to my room to wake me up. When she gets ill, I really miss her.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I always like to go out in a peaceful place where there is greenery and water. I used to go for drives, go hiking and have barbecues outside. I also try to play some games in my spare time like table tennis.


Because Shahid had the knowledge and ability to train himself and learn new things, he basically started Allshore’s mobile application department. Shahid is currently working on a Masters in Information Science and Technology from Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. His favorite type of car is a Prado, and his favorite item he owns is a note folder he has had since college.

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