Imran H.

April 1, 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Experience:More than 5 years
Education:Bachelors in Computer Science
Time with Allshore:11 months
Not available to hire

Known for being a hard worker, Imran H. has made a name for himself at Allshore. Sumer, our Executive of HR Administration and Operations works with Imran in Karachi. “Imran is one of our most disciplined and hard working developers. He is always looking to improve upon himself and help others whenever the need be. Along with that he has a great attitude and respects our policies. He is a great team member to have in the Karachi office.”

Imran’s manager, Nasir T., had great things to say about his skills: “Imran is what I like to call a learnster. Learnsters are people with extraordinary learning capability and a real urge to grow as much as they can. Imran’s unique ability is to understand problems and think on them to bring to the table the best possible solution as fast as possible. He is a very dedicated, hard working guy with great people skills, and I believe he can be fitted in any kind of scenario to get the job done. His .NET skills are amazing. He is kind hearted, loyal and trustworthy coworker and always sees things in a positive way. I am proud to have him in my team.”

We decided to ask Imran some questions about himself and his work with Allshore.


First off, how long have you been with Allshore/Zepcom?

I joined Zepcom on May 3rd , 2013. I was the first employee in Zepcom, and I won’t forget that moment. I was seated here alone, but with a strong will and expecting a very bright future with this company because I knew that the company model was strong. I love working remotely with the client because this is a way to encourage cultural understanding. Honestly, I really love to work here because here one thing I like is transparency in polices.

Have you noticed any major differences between working with U.S. based clients and local ones?
I have already worked with US based clients, but the major difference is the direct client interaction with developers.
Was that not a normal thing at your previous companies?
No, because we were at the back and just doing code. The Team Lead or Project Manager interacted with the client instead. Here I take ownership of the project, deadlines, and commitments with client and company as well.

319If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?

I think Saudi Arabia, since I want to go on a pilgrimage. I also love greenery so I’d like to go to Switzerland as well.

What are 3 items that you never leave home without?

My cell phone, bike, and obviously clothes.

What is your favorite: book, time of the year, and sport?

My favorite book is the Holy Quran. My favorite time of the year is winter, and my favorite sport is cricket.


Imran continues to hone his skills, and is newly MVC 4 certified. Imran has two brothers and two sisters in his family, and is very close with them. He is currently working on his thesis for his Masters in Software Engineering at SZABIST University. A lover of snow, Imran is from the beautiful Azad Kashmir Valley. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing cricket, and reading.

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