Haroon S.

March 11, 2014

Associate Team Lead

Experience:6.5 Years
Education:Bachelors of Computer Science with Honors
Time with Allshore:3.5 Years
Not available to hire

Haroon S. is another of our senior developers who has made a name for himself. When asked about him, his manager Ahmed told us that Haroon is a great guy who is a lot of fun. He also praised him for learning skills on his own, and then sharing this knowledge through lectures with other developers.  With these skills, he works hard for his client and has a great track record with them.

His client of over three years said “Haroon has been part of our web development team since October 2010. During that time, he has custom programmed approximately 25 websites with many different functions and features. Haroon is a strong team player, a very hard worker and always ready to tackle any project we have. He is an important part of our company and we are very thankful for him and the work he does for us!”

When we talked with Haroon we learned some interesting new facts about him, both about his life and about his time with Allshore.


254162_167447773318871_5312684_nWhat is your favorite type of music?

Music totally depends on my mood, but mostly, I listen to pop.

Do you have any favorite musicians or bands?

Schiller is great. I also like Edward Maya and Linkin Park. As for folk music, I like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

What is your favorite type of food?

Italian mostly, but I love to cook too.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

French omelet.

Do you cook a lot for your family?

On weekends I do. They enjoy it, especially my wife. 

How do you feel about working with American clients?

They are more professional and straight forward in every manner. My client has even taught me some English phrases, so I’m loving this.

How would you say they differ from local clients?

To be very honest, there is no comparison with local clients who don’t even have knowledge of different technologies and the latest trends.

How do you feel about working with Allshore/Datum/Zepcom?

I feel great. I’ve never seen this kind of environment in my 6 year career.

Haroon 1

And what is the most valuable lesson you have learned during your time with the company?

Valuable things: honest and clear policies, punctuality, trust.


Haroon has been with his client his entire time with Allshore, and has completed a large number of projects for them. His wife is a trade officer in banking, and together they have a six month old daughter. He also enjoys sports, and plays table tennis, cricket, and even snooker sometimes. If he could have any super power, Haroon would like the ability to learn everything.

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