Amir H.

March 18, 2014

Associate Team Lead

Experience:7.5 Years
Education:Bachelors of Computer Science with Honors
Time with Allshore:3.5 Years
Not available to hire

In his three and a half years with Allshore, Amir H. has worked with several different clients developing .NET software. Amir is a great jokester and loves having fun with his clients and coworkers.

Amir’s current client Devobal had high praise for his work and his work ethic: “Amir is an excellent, dependable developer. He understands the tasks well, which enables him to get projects done quickly and expertly. Many times he will make suggestions that make our product better and more efficient than the original scope. He is self-motivated and finds solutions to difficult problems or projects on his own. Willing to go the extra mile, he often stays late to ensure projects are finished by the deadline. Amir is a great developer to work with and we look forward to working on future projects with him.”

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Within the Allshore office, there is also praise for him. We asked his manager, RK, what he thought of Amir’s work. “I would like to praise Amir H for his consistent brilliance with his client, and his magnificence as team member. Amir has a very good attitude towards work. He always puts extra effort into his work for the happiness of the client. This gives a sense of task-ownership and responsibility.”

Will you tell me a little about the clients you have worked for, and how you feel about working with American clients?
During my 3.5 years tenure, I have worked with 5 different clients. All of them were very good clients. I really enjoy working for American clients and especially my current client, I love to work for him. I like his way of treating me.  Whenever there is a difficult task he always says, “I know you can do it.”
Have you noticed any differences between working with American clients and local ones?
Yes, American clients understand things very quickly. Whereas local clients take time to understand things. I think American clients are more technical than local clients.

How do you feel about your time working with our company?

I feel during my tenure, I have learned a lot. I learned new technologies, I learned how companies progress, I learned how an IT guy should keep himself updated in new technologies.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would like to go Saudi Arabia.

Will you tell us about your family?
Yes, I am married and I have a lovely caring and most beautiful wife. I have a lovely son, and I am anxiously waiting for the weekend so he can be with me in the evening.

Son (Aayaan)

And what do you like to do with your family in your free time?
On weekend, we mostly have plans to go outside. We like to go to relatives’ homes and go out for picnics.
Do you have any funny nicknames that your family or friends have given to you?
My client gave me the nickname “Scooter.” I think he likes the name, that’s why he calls me that.

Amir has spent 7.5 years in the IT field, and spent 4 years at his previous company. His degree is from the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad. During his time with Allshore, he has won the Consistent Excellence Award (CEA). Amir’s chosen super power would be the power to convince people. His favorite actor is Amir Khan, and his favorite holiday is the Eid Holidays.

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