Allshore / Datum Developer Bench Explained

Is my job safe if I have no client and I am on the bench?

YES! It is very important for our company to have a healthy bench of available developers to jump into a new or existing client relationship at any time. We have to have good solid developers ready to go at a moment’s notice in order to keep our clients satisfied when their existing developer leaves our company, or needs to be replaced for one reason or another. We also need developers on our bench and ready to go to new clients that our sales team brings into our company.

What is expected of me while I am on the bench?

You are expected to continue learning new technologies that will further benefit your ability to satisfy your future client. You are expected to learn all the best practices of communication with clients and you are expected to begin adapting to our company needs and company culture. Education is the KEY when a developer is on the bench. Learn as much as you can about technology and what will make you a successful client based developer.

You are also expected to give hourly updates in the R&D Room on Skype, not exceed break times if possible and slowly adapt to working our 5:30 PM – 2:00 AM shift. We are lenient with all new developers as we understand it takes time to adjust into a new and completely different business model than most people are accustomed to. So relax, learn and adapt.

Has a developer ever been laid off due to excessive bench capacity?

NO. This has never happened.

What is the Khurram Policy and how does it effect me?

The Khurram policy was an idea a developer had to put all bench developers inside active client chat rooms with other more senior developers. They are to be a silent observers and are to continue studying and working on other projects in the meantime. The purpose is to get all new developers comfortable with client communications by watching some of the more senior developers communicate with their clients. This idea was made into a policy two days after Khurram’s suggestion.


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